About Us


OnSite Pool Filtration, now operating in Las Vegas and Phoenix, provides the highest level of customer support to both residential and commercial swimming pool owners and provides all bathers with the best water quality to swim in. We do this in a very sustainable way by removing those things you do not want in your water and leaving the items you do want – LIKE WATER! 😊


As time passes pool water evaporates, swimming pools become more work to maintain, and the water becomes less sanitary.

The OnSite Pool Filtration process allows us to provide a very efficient and effective solution to remove unwanted components and restore your pool to perfect balance. Items removed by the process include excess:

In less than a day for most residential swimming pools, our mobile filtration unit will remove or reduce the troublesome impurities now in your pool and give you back a clean, healthy pool while conserving nearly 85% of your existing water.

Your pool will be as pure as if you had filled it with bottled drinking water!

Your family cannot get a better, safer, or cleaner pool any other way!

Our self-contained units require nothing more from you than a garden hose to replace the small amount of water lost in the process.

We will bring our own power and supplies, and in return, we will leave you with water far superior to a drain and refill; water that earlier in the day was old, tired, and unsanitary.

Congratulations; you just conserved 85% of that water, and provided your family with a cleaner and FAR safer pool!


In the past, residential swimming pools have required a drain and refill every 2 years to maintain proper water balance and to protect plaster and equipment. Commercial pools can be even more frequent, due to greater usage and higher chemical levels required for sanitation.

Water conservation, no risk to your pool, cleaner water, safer water that will require fewer chemicals to maintain… Why Not?