Pool Filtration Process

The OnSite Pool Filtration process is a proven process that allows for delivery of a service that is more convenient, less wasteful, and puts cleaner, safer recycled pool water in your pool without exposing your interior finish and potentially damaging the pool.  Our process is completely safe and you can even swim in the pool while it is being filtered!

The processed water that returns to your swimming pool is RO quality water which is safer, cleaner and healthier than your pool water has ever been. One of the biggest benefits of using our service is we will conserve up to 85% of the existing water in your swimming pool; and the water is much better than the tap!

Benefits of the OnSite Pool Filtration Process

  • Lowers Calcium Hardness, Total Dissolved Solids, and Cyanuric Acid
  • It is eco-friendly, conserving nature’s most precious resource – WATER.
  • It makes your water better than tap water.
  • It removes harmful contaminants and waterborne diseases.
  • It keeps your pool full of water; guarding it against floating and exposing plaster to air, which can cause it to crack.
  • It usually takes less than 24 hours, and you can swim while it is cleaning.
  • The water is soft when filtration is complete
  • You will use fewer chemicals
  • Water conservation
  • Can be performed on residential and commercial swimming pools

We highly recommend using On Site Pool Filtration the next time someone recommends draining your swimming pool. Our end product makes your water look great and feel great too!

Give us a call today, we promise you will love it!

5 Step Mobile Pool Filtration Process

Step 1: Initial Course Filtration – Removes all items > 100 mesh or 0.0059 inches

Step 2: Initial Pumping to the Mobile Unit – Moves water from the pool to the mobile unit

Step 3: Secondary Filtration Removes all items > 50 Microns or 0.002 inches

Step 4: Activated Carbon Filtration removes organics and items > 10 microns or 0.0004 inches – Removes taste, odors, oils

Step 5: Reverse Osmosis removes items down to 0.000000004 inches including virus and bacteria – Removes > 0.001 microns

OnSite Pool Filtration Process Typical Removal Rates